12 Sep 2017

MPC Film Reel 2017

Watch MPC's latest film reel.
It features my shot of Mr. and Mrs. Slimer from Ghostbusters (2016).  Catch it at 2:15.

* This clip or reel doesn't belong to me.  Only sharing.

19 Mar 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Since most of the animation was being done at the London facility, we helped out the match-move department in Bangalore.  We did a sizable chunk of roto-animation shots on this project.  Our task was to match the CG pirates to the ones in the practical plate.  This was again a very good learning experience as we brushed up our body mechanics skills.

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I cannot say much about the work I did on this film.  The reason not being just because the film is yet to release, but also because of the nature of work I actually did.  It was more of technical fixes and helping out other departments.

The anime is one of my favorites.  I hope this version does justice to the anime.

Monster Trucks (2016)

Monster Trucks, directed by Chris Wedge, was the first project I worked on in MPC, Bangalore.  It was challenging with regards to workflow, pipeline and technical complexities.  I managed to find a couple of close-up shots to add to my shot list.  I learnt a lot more than just animation on this show.

Passengers (2016)

Another project full of CG digital tablets, ropes, instruments in the mobile medical pods to animate.  But there was another sequence with an Infomat (a spherical kiosk that gives information to passenges onboard Avalon, the spaceship).  Animating that was a better experience.

Ghostbusters (2016)

This show was being run from the Vancouver facility of the Moving Picture Company.  The animation supervisor was Andrew Doucette.

To begin with, we animated a lot of proton beams shooting out of the guns that capture the ghosts.  Then we got a few interesting shots with the Mr.Slimer and Mrs.Slimer characters with the transparent party ghosts.  There was this challenging shot with the Slimers driving a car and jumping into the portal.  It was my first best shot which unfortunately didn't make it to the actual movie.