29 Jan 2015

VES Nomination for The Lost Temple!

Walt sent us an email that our first project at Tau Films,  The Lost Temple - theme park ride film has been nominated for the 13th Annual Visual Effects Society Award, for the category, "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project".  I am so happy that we made it this far.  Keeping in mind the odds we worked against, this is a tremendous achievement.  I wish the best for Tau Films' future.

*VES logo and The Lost Temple picture are properties of respective parties.  I claim no ownership of the same.

26 Jul 2014

Movie Park Germany: The Lost Temple - Update

Here is the On-Ride POV of the film.  

The Lost Temple Immersive Tunnel POV On-Ride @ Movie Park Germany


The triceratops duel is to the right side of the ride after entering the temple (which I worked on, collaborating with one more animator), and a couple of pteranodons that peck and screech at the screen.

15 Jul 2014

Movie Park Germany: The Lost Temple

The Lost Temple*
After about a month and a half post Rhythm and Hues, I had an opportunity to work on my first freelance project.  It was a theme park ride film.  It involved realistic animation with dinosaurs.  I got to animate a triceratops and some pteranodons.  It was a very challenging and exciting project.  The theme park is yet to start functioning.  Here is a glimpse of the park.*

* The picture and the video do not belong to me.  Just sharing.

24 Nov 2013

Animation Showreel 2013

My animation reel, both training and production.  All work done at Rhythm and Hues Studios, India.

Animation Reel 2013 from Chandrashekhar Ramprasad on Vimeo.

00:02:  Emotion Change
00:09:  Animal Mood Change
00:13:  Character Interaction
00:17:  Creature
00:21:  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)
00:27:  Dialogue 01
00:31:  Dialogue 02
00:37:  Fulwanti (In-house Music Video, RnH)
00:41:  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

Rhythm & Hues, Animation Training

Here is most of the work that we did during our year long training at Rhythm & Hues Studios, India.  It was a combination of cartoon and realistic animation exercises.  It included animation fundamentals, posing exercises, body mechanics exercises, character interaction and performance with dialogue.

00:00:  Ball Interaction
06:06:  Fist Pound
08:06:  Weight Shift
10:06:  Biped Walk
12:06:  Quad Walk

00:00:  Broad Posing
05:00:  Hand Poses
13:08:  Jump
16:17:  Dialogue

00:00:  Posing Exercise

Quick Blocking Tests from Chandrashekhar Ramprasad on Vimeo.

We did some quick blocking tests during free time at work. These tests were done in about 2 hours, each.

00:00: Kicking a ball
04:06: Receiving a call while eating
09:09: Pen stops working, followed by frustration
15:18: Walking with a heavy object
20:01: Working on a computer
24:08: Jumping from the top of a wall

More work can be seen in the 2013 animation reel.

11 Aug 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

This was my first Hollywood project as an Animator.  I got to animate a few simple shots and it was fun.  Looking forward for the release, here in Hyderabad.

One of the shots I enjoyed working on the most was the one in which the Manticore is in deep slumber and the kids are escaping from the boat.  Here is the link: Escape